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Delta Omega Chi

Fall 2020 Executive Board

Meet Our Team

Katarina Tomasic

Nutrition Major, Biology Minor

| Senior | Pre-Med

"Hello, my name is Katarina! I am excited to have a great semester with you all and serve the local community. I love to do many things such as cooking, baking, yoga, playing with my pets, and watching movies in my free time. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything or just want to chat!"

Kimberly Nguyen
Vice President-Membership

Psychology Major, Business Administration & Biology Minor | Senior | Pre-PA

"Hello friends! My name is Kimberly and although things are little weird this semester, I am still excited to see what this semester will bring us! I absolutely LOVE dogs and if I could adopt all the dogs from the shelters, I would. You can usually find me at a coffee or boba shops doing work, but for now I find comfort and satisfaction of my home by being an amateur barista and chef, while doing work. If you have any questions or need a new friend, don't hesitate to DM me on any social media platform! Welcome to the DOC fam! (:"

Areeba Alsharfeen
Vice President-External

Biology Major| Junior | Pre-Med

"Hello everyone! My name is Areeba and I’m the Vice President of the External Branch. Although this semester is different from those that we have previously experienced, our hearts are connected with our DOC family and we are here to help! I look forward to coordinating new and virtual events for you all. Outside of studying, I love writing poetry, cooking new recipes, and I am currently playing TLOZ: Breath of the Wild. I love meeting new people and I look forward to getting to know you!"

Kathy Nguyen
Vice President-Finance

Human Nutrition and Foods Major, Biology Minor | Senior | Pre-Optometry

"Hey everyone my name is Kathy! I'm your Vice-President Finance this semester. I love cooking, shopping, and going to concerts! I also love trying new boba places so if you have any suggestions I'd love to know. I'm looking forward to meeting you this semester so feel free to come say hi. :)"

Jacob Roy
Vice President-Internal

Biology Major, Health Minor | Junior |


"Hey guys, my name is Jacob! I’m really excited to meet everyone this new semester. This is my 5th semester in DOC now and I’ve enjoyed every moment! When I’m not on campus, I love to play piano and basketball in my free time. I’ve lived in Houston all my life and wouldn’t change it for anything else. Feel free to hit me up whenever!"

Aracely Barahona

Biology and Psychology Major | Senior |


"Hello everyone! My name is Aracely, but you can call me Chely. I’m super excited to meet everyone this semester! If I’m not in the campus library, I’m probably baking, binge watching something on Netflix or playing with my dogs! If you every need a study buddy don’t be afraid to reach out. I love meeting new people!"

Reshma Jose
Public Relations

Biology Major, Health Minor | Junior |


"Hello everyone, my name is Reshma! I am so excited for this upcoming semester and I can't wait to make some amazing memories. I love to go out to eat, sing, and travel! I also LOVE dogs and my dog's name is Charlie. Please feel free to come talk to me, I would love to meet you! Go DOC! :) "

Emilie Cooper
Community Director

Biology Major, Chemistry, Medicine, and Society Minor | Junior | Pre-Med

"Hey guys, I’m Emilie! I travel a lot and I have three cats named Thomas, Toulouse, and Tesla. I’m currently working at the campus rec and in my spare time I volunteer at Houston Methodist."

Clara Andrews
Outreach Director

Health Sciences Major, Biology Minor | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hello! I am the Outreach Director for Delta Omega Chi. I enjoy traveling, reading, working out, and watching stand up comedy. Coffee is part of most of my days, in case you catch yourself wanting a cafe partner. I take pride and passion in everything I do, and want to provide exceptional and useful opportunities to our city and school. If you see me around, come introduce yourself!"

Nathalie Ashby
Social Director

Kinesiology and Public Health Major | Sophomore | Pre-PA

"Hey y’all and welcome to DOC! My name is Nathalie but feel free to call me Nattie! Outside of class and work, I love going out to eat, playing lacrosse, and dancing with the cougar ballroom team. I’d love to get to know you, so if you ever see me around on campus don’t be afraid to come say hi and chat with me! :)"

Allyson Ho
Volunteer Director

Public Health Major, Biology Minor | Junior |

Health Administrator

"Hey guys! My name is Allyson Ho and I am excited to meet you guys. In my free time I like to entertain myself with cooking, painting and playing piano. I cannot wait to see what this semester will bring us in these unprecedented times! Go DOC!"

Faith Huynh-Nguyen
Accounting Director

Biology Major, Medicine and Society Minor | Junior | Pre-PA

"Hi friends! My name is Faith and I am so excited to meet everyone! I love to dance and I’m always ready to get down! I also love playing with makeup and working out! I’m a huge diva, but I’m just as much of a goofball. Feel free to say hi to me or hit me up for a good laugh!"

Vincent Thach

Biotechnology Major | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hello everyone, my name is Vincent Thach and the Webmaster! This is only my second semester in DOC, it takes me awhile to open up but I enjoy meeting new people. Outside class I love spending time with friends, playing video games, and cooking! Don't be afraid to ask me anything!"

Divya Stany
Fundraising Director

Biology Major, Psychology and Sociology Minor | Junior| Pre-Med

"Hey everyone, welcome to the DOC family! I’m an aspiring medical professional in my junior year at UH. I love binge watching Netflix, going to the gym, and baking. I can’t wait to start all the fun activities we have planned for you guys this semester. If you ever want to talk to me, usually I’m hanging around the library on campus but with all the crazy stuff going on, social media is your best bet. Stay home and stay safe everyone!"

Jevin Nguyen
Operations Director

Kinesiology Major | Junior | Pre-PT

"Hello Everyone, My name is Jevin. I’m very excited to meet everyone this semester. On my free time, I love playing and watching soccer. Also I enjoy watching tv shows/movies, playing xbox, or spending time with my family. If you ever need anything feel free to contact me. I love meeting and getting to new people!"

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