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delta omega chi SPRING 2018 Executive BOARD

Meet our team

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Kelsie Smith

 Kinesiology Major | Senior | Pre-Nursing

"Hey guys! I'm Kelsie. My interests include going to the gym and eating good food. I also take pictures of it and post it on my foodstagram. My goals for this upcoming semester are to remember to post on my foodstagram and ensure that all Delta Omega Chi's members are offered awesome opportunities this upcoming year!"

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John Kass

Kinesiology Major | Senior | Pre-PT

"I love to travel and explore new places so you can catch me road tripping during my school breaks! I like to eat and try new foods. During my free time, I usually binge watch on Hulu, Netflix, or Youtube. I also love playing sports, so I hope to see you at our IM games!"

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Crystal Salonga

Health Major, Biology and Bioinformatics Minor | Junior | Pre-PA

"Hi y'all! My name is Crystal Salonga a.k.a. 'lil lion mane'. Filipino. Born and raised in Dallas. Geek for stationary/school supplies. If you mention to me the following: makeup, conspiracy theories, the shows Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec, or Bones, anything Marvel, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Daniel Caesar, or Khalid we are instantly friends :-) One day I hope to complete a scratch off world map. If I wasn't in the pre-health field, I'd probably try to apply to work at Buzzfeed so I can be on "Worth it" trying allll that food."

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Andrew Xu

Biology Major, Health Minor | Junior | Pre-Medicine

"Hi! I'm Andrew. When I'm not studying, you can probably find me at the Rec Center working out or binge watching TV shows late into the night. I also like music, and I love to eat! Whenever I see or experience something funny, I enjoy sharing that story with others by acting things out in great detail and exaggerated hand motions. I'm a lot more friendly once you get to know me, so if you ever see me between classes or at the Rec, don't be afraid to come up and say hi!"

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Shana Parrilla

Biology Major, Health Minor | Senior | Pre-Dentistry

"I am incredibly obsessed with puppers, tv shows, space theories, coffee, and Nicki Minaj. I enjoy thought provoking conversations whether pointless or deep. I’m freezing 99% of the time and I dislike anything involving physical activity or having to move too quickly. Talk to me about Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, or Maplestory. Please. “Someday, everything will make perfect sense.”

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Anh Tran

Biology Major, Math Minor | Junior | Pre-PA

"Major sushi lover and can eat it literally everyday. Watch Netflix religiously. Secretly love makeup but don't wear any because sleep is more important. A proud pet owner of two Maltipoos: one is 3 years old and the other is 8 months! Working out is a necessity after too much sushi (I hate leg days). Enjoy being around kind-hearted people and having deep conversations. Major goal for the future is to travel the world to treat the underprivileged and those in needs. Don't be shy to say hi when you see one of us around. Welcome to the DOC Family!"

Anchor 7
Adriel Trujillo

Psychology Major, Biology Minor | Junior | Pre-Medicine

"Hi! I'm Adriel. I love soccer (Chelsea F.C best team in the world!), playing Xbox and learning random facts. I also like trying new things whether it's about food, a place, or a sport because you never know you like something until you've tried it. Keeping the mood light is my thing, so you will always hear me crack jokes and laughing because I think I'm hilarious. Also, I am so bad at small talk but I love having deep conversations about anything: Life, school, sports, and whatever it may be so, if you are ever looking for someone to talk to, you can usually find me in the library. I'm all ears!"

Anchor 8
Nellmarie Misuela

Kinesiology Major, Nutrition and Medicine & Society Minor | Junior | Pre-PT

"Hiya! Despite being incredibly shy, I love making new friends, and I'm super excited to meet you all! Some of my life goals include holding a koala, completing a stage on American Ninja Warrior, and guiding tons of patients in the recovery process as a physical therapist! Catch me at the carrel space, the library, or at our IM games if you ever want to hang out :)"

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Adrian Chang

Biology Major, Sales Minor | Senior | Pre-Optometry

"Hello! My name is Adrian. I love traveling and exploring Houston. I enjoy everything art-related-- museums, musicals, dance, etc. During my free time, I like to read, workout, or binge-watch tv shows. My favorite cuisines are Japanese and Italian. In the future, I'd love to open up my own optometry clinic and own a dog."

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Nicole Dequina

"Have hopes of becoming a sports or a pediatric physical therapist.  Or both.  Born and raised in the Philippines. Probably a civil engineer, an architect or a fashion designer if I had never discovered physical therapy's significance in the world. In love with FC Barcelona, especially Lionel Messi whom I've seen twice in real life. Sitting courtside at an NBA game and being fluent in Spanish and Korean are just some of the things in my bucket list. Can't wait to meet you all!"

Kinesiology Major, Biology Minor | Senior | Pre-PT

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Momin Hussain

Honors Biomedical Sciences Major | Chemistry Minor | Junior | Pre-Medicine

"Hey everyone! My name is Momin Hussain. I'll be your Volunteer Director this semester, and I look forward to seeing all of you at our meetings and events! In my free time, I enjoy eating, reading, going to the gym (sometimes), and watching all kinds of videos. I hope we get to meet each other soon!"

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JeanFelix Chavez

Psychology Major, Biology Minor | Junior | Pre-Medicine

"Hey everybody! I help coordinate events and hope that they also become meaningful experiences for our members. I have a deeply rooted love for music and express it by going to all the shows I possibly can. I read, game, watch Bellator MMA, Netflix originals and anime in equal amounts. I practice pyrography and sketch to keep myself grounded. I love to meet all kinds of people and happy to hang out if you catch me around campus."

Anchor 13
Charles Borromeo

Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences Major, Chemistry minor | Sophomore | Pre-Pharmacy

"I’m on the Pre-Pharm track to become a Clinical/Long-Term Care Pharmacist. Advocate for Medical Brigades and aspire to devote my passion to further participation in the future. Recently completed a Medical Brigade in Honduras 2017 and ecstatically preparing for Honduras 2019. Born in the most beautiful island in the world: Cebu, Philippines. The way to my heart is Korean BBQ, Boba, and all the ice cream in the world! I’m obsessed with Big Sean and Mukbangs (where someone eats large quantities of food in front of a camera while interacting with their audience) it is a dream job of mine if I weren’t pursuing Pharmacy."

Anchor 14
Brandon Bamiduro

 Nutritional Science Major | Senior | Pre-Medicine

"Houston born. Nigerian. Game of Thrones is the G.O.AT. I've probably watched your favorite tv show. Love music, working out, and exploring the deeper meaning of life. Rarely serious, so if I offend you, I was most likely joking. Have hopes of becoming a Psychiatrist one day. Go coogs."

Anchor 15
Courtney Hoang

Biology Major | Freshman | Pre-Medicine

"Hello hello! I'm Courtney and I enjoy cooking and eating good food. If you add me on Facebook, my entire newsfeed is 2+ years of me reposting cooking videos. Whenever I'm not studying or napping (mostly napping), I enjoy making new friends and hanging out with my dog. I am a very bright and outgoing person, so don't be afraid to get to know me!"

Anchor 16
Anna Subonj

Biology Major, Health and Medicine & Society Major | Sophomore | Pre-Medicine

"Hey guys! I'm Anna, and I am super excited to get to know y'all this semester! I am extremely passionate about undergraduate research at UH, so if you have any questions, let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them. A lot of my free time is spent in my lab or watching Netflix and food videos, so if you ever want tag me in a food video, please do. Also, I love food. Like a lot. I look forward to serving you all this semester, and please don't hesitate to talk to me whenever you see me!"

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