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delta omega chi Spring 2019 Executive BOARD

Meet our team

Anh Tran

 Biology Major, Mathematics Minor | Senior | Pre-PA

"Hello friends! My name is Anh and I am taking on my last year at UH. I’m extremely excited to see new and old faces; we’re going to have an amazing year! I am a huge Teahouse and sushi lover. I watch a lot of TV shows. I’m currently hooked on The Handmaid’s Tale, 10/10 would recommend! You might catch me at the Rec struggling at benching lol, but please say hi if you ever see me! Swing by our carrel space to study and talk to me :)"

JeanFelix Chavez

Psychology Major, Biology Minor | Senior | Pre-Med

“Hi everyone! I help make sure this beautiful organization continues to grow and prosper. I love music, pyrography, and party games. I’m always happy to meet people and share a hardy laugh.”

Courtney Hoang

Biology Major | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hey hey! I'm a super outgoing and bubbly person, and I look forward to meeting all of you this upcoming year. Some of my hobbies include cooking, binge-watching Netflix, and going out to explore. This year, my goal is to meet more new people and hopefully become someone you all can trust and confide in in DOC. Let's make this year one to remember! Go Coogs!!!"

Debbie Tran

Health Promotions Major, Biology and Women's Studies Minors | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hi! My name is Debbie, and I am so excited to meet you all! In my free time, I enjoy drawing, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. I'm also a HUGE fan of My Hero Academia! Sushi is my favorite food of ALL TIME and I have a weakness for poké! My interests vary greatly though, so if you see me don't hesitate to come up and say hi!! I'd love to get to know you :)"

Eric Hundl

Exercise Science Major | Junior | Pre-PT

"Hi everyone, my name is Eric. I enjoy a lot of things from working out to reading Lord of the Rings. I like to seek out new experiences and explore. My favorite hobby is fishing. When I have nothing to do I enjoy playing video games."

Anthony Pham

Biology Major, Business Foundations Minor | Sophomore | Pre-Med

“Hey guys! I’m Anthony. I have a dog named Leo who is probably better than yours. Hit me up for photos of Leo! I like to eat, make new friends, sleep and sometimes study. My favorite food is my mom’s homemade pho."

Nathan Pham

Psychology Major, Biology Minor | Freshman | Pre-PA

"Hi guys, my name is Nathan. I am excited to work with you all in achieving your healthcare career goals. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, eating out at every hot spot in Houston, and going to every music festival and concert I possibly can! I’m a huge foodie, so if you need any good restaurant recommendations you can always find me at DOC events, Starbucks, and the Library!  D-O-C on three!"

Anushka Anand

Biology Major, Health Minor | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hi everyone, I’m Anushka, I’m so excited to meet all of you and make your DOC experience amazing. I love to travel, binge Netflix, and play with my three doggos. I love all kinds of music ranging from Cardi B to The Paper Kites. I’m also a fitness lover and I love to chill out with a yoga class. If you see me around feel free to say hi and get to know me."

Jarett Whittington

Health Promotions Major, Biology Minor | Junior | Pre-Med

"Hi! My name is Jarett. I coordinate all intramural activities. I love sports especially football and personally think participating in any sport builds character and relationships. I'm very passionate about helping others and love to meet new people! If you are ever looking for someone to talk to or hang out with you can usually find me in the library or at IM games!"

Roba Abousaway

Biochemistry Major, Medicine & Society Minor | Sophomore | Pre-Med

"Hello everyone!! My name is Roba, and I'm excited to have an amazing semester with you all. When I'm not at school, I enjoy meeting new people, coffee shop hopping, and going to concerts.  I'm also a big cat person! If you ever see me around campus, feel free to come and chat. I'd love to get to know you :)"

Nellmarie Misuela

Kinesiology Major | Senior | Pre-PT

“Hiya! Despite being incredibly shy, I love making new friends, and I'm super excited to meet you all! Some of my life goals include holding a koala, completing a stage on American Ninja Warrior, and guiding tons of patients in the recovery process as a physical therapist! Catch me at the carrel space, the library, or our IM games if you ever want to hang out :)”

Johnny Tran

Chemistry Major, Biology & Mathematics Minors | Sophomore | Pre-Optometry

"I'm Vietnamese and was born in Houston. My hobbies include lifting weights and playing basketball. My favorite band of all time is Queen and if you were ever to catch me in my car, I'm most likely singing one of their songs. Besides my passion for Optometry and Chemistry, I have a strong passion for teaching. I'm currently in the TeachHouston program and love working with students of all ages."

Matthew Chang

Kinesiology Major | Junior | Pre-PT

"My name is Matthew Chang. I was born in Houston, Texas. I’ve been in Delta Omega Chi for 3 semesters and going on my 4th. I am studying to become a physical therapist because I enjoy helping other people who are in need. Some of my hobbies consist of listening to music and powerlifting. I spend a majority of my time either in the library or the rec :)"

My Ha

Nutrition Major, Human Development Minor | Junior | Pre-Med

"Hey everyone! My name is My Ha. Yes, my full name consists of 4 letters. Short and sweet, just like me. If I’m not on campus I’m probably thrift shopping, in hibernation, or watching kdramas. I also love to sing, and karaoke is my favorite type of cardio. If you ever see me around campus feel free to come up and say hi! I won’t bite, I promise!! Welcome to the family :)"

Areeba Alsharfeen

Biology Major | Freshman | Pre-Med

"Hello everyone! My name is Areeba and I’m your Operations Director this semester. I grew up in Toronto and I live on campus pretty much 24/7, so if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here to help! In my free time I write poetry and take photographs of people, places, and various objects. You can usually find me at the library or in CV1. I love meeting new people, and I look forward to getting to know you!"

Noelia Ortiz-Colon

Kinesiology Major | Senior | Pre-Nursing

"Hi guys! My name is Noelia. I enjoy working out, dancing, watching and talking about Game of Thrones (I've watched the whole thing three times already), also I'm a total Marvel superhero fan. My future goal is to travel as much as I can; I love experiencing new things, like seeing animals and getting in touch with nature. I'm a very friendly and goofy person, if you have any questions don't be shy to approach me."

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